Monday, May 2, 2011

For Today -

   Outside my window... Beautiful sunshine!! A cloudless blue sky! We are enjoying some really nice weather.

I am thinking...Of so many things!Blessings. Family. Friends.What I need to do this upcoming week. I always seem to have to pack much into a week.Catching up with mailing. I always seem to get behind in this area and then I wonder why I am not getting any mail in!

  I am thankful for...The wonderful break I had last week. My hunny took me to Wales for a few days holiday. This was so needed as I was recovering from a virus and one which made my asthma bad as the pollen count was high. I actually lost my voice for three days! Talking was a BIG effort! I am well reoovered now. I loved Wales and the scenery was stunning!The weather was fantastic and I took so many photographs! The Lord is so good and gracious!

  From the learning rooms...Trials strengthen us and help us to grow!At the end of every storm a rainbow,at the end of every valley a mountain top! I am reminded of this bible verse:

Beloved,think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you,as though some strange thing happened to you.
                             1 Peter 4:12

   From the kitchen...Salmon with lemon and garlic,vegetables and sweet potatoes. Strawberries with fresh cream.Yummy!!!

  I am wearing...Black pants and a white top.

  I am creating...More memories! Lots of photos taken recently and I want to put these all in albums!

  I am going...To have a relaxing and chilled evening!

  I am reading...My bible and "A Thankful Heart" by Carole Lewis. I am enjoying this book and it talks of how gratitude brings hope and healing to our lives.A powerful message in this book as it speaks of a simple and profound lesson that God tells us again and again in his Word, to give thanks in all things!

  I am hoping...That I manage to catch up with all I have planned for this week. I need to do some laundry and de-cluttering! That sounds good and I just have to get motivated and do this!

I am hearing...The tv on and cars going by in the street outside.

  Around the house... Reminders! Beautiful flowers and gifts from family and friends! Candles burning and the beautiful fragrance wafting through the air. Some candles smell so yummy you could just eat them!!

One of my favorite things...Working on my cross stitch projects. Nearly finished a project for my friends birthday-finally!! I am a little late in completing this!

  A few plans for the rest of the week...So much! Catch up with mailing. Catching up with recorded shows. Laundry. Catching up with reading my magazines too and not to forget the de-cluttering!!

  Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Photos taken this past week on my trip to Wales of castles.

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  1. Enjoyed your blessings, Linda. I have
    always wanted to visit England and Wales
    and Scotland. Perhaps one day I will.
    Love the pictures of the castles.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. I tried to leave a comment here two days ago but the connection failed and my comment got lost.

    SO here I am again, Linda.

    The salmon with lemon is mouthwatering.

    SO are the strawberries with fresh cream.

    Wales must be a very beautiful place... it has been on my dream list to visit Wales and Scotland.

    I always love reading your entries for "From the Learning Rooms" - which today was on the benefit of trials in our lives. Yes indeed.

    At the end of every storm a rainbow,at the end of every valley a mountain top!

    Have a blessed weekend.


  3. Thank you for sharing your blessings in such a lovely way.

  4. Our Auntie is here just now from Wales...interesting that you just visited there. Isn't it picturesque with all those castles?? So pretty and intriguing to think of those who lived in them so long ago.

    Oh Linda...I think I would have a hard time living in England with all that lovely cream available to put on fresh berries...oh YUM! :)

    And...Yippee for de-cluttering!!! I am sooo on that page.

    Many blessings to you!

  5. Hi Linda,

    I enjoyed reading your heart share and many blessings that surround you. God is so good!!!

    I pray as we are coming to the close of May and beginning another month in God that you find it filled to overflowing with awesome treats for your life and those whom you love and may it all be to God's glory!

    Love ya!