Monday, September 13, 2010

For Today -

Outside my window... It is getting dark as almost 7.30 in the evening now. It is amazing how quickly the nights are getting so much darker earlier.

I am thinking... About so many things! My mind seems to be on auto pilot!! I am hoping that the Lord will give me peace on a decision about my job. This seems to have been going on for so long now. Just when I think the door has closed I find a window open. Trusting you Heavenly Father to bring me through this and to keep my faith that you will work this all out for me.

I am thankful for... Two beautiful gifts that came in the mail. These gifts touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.I was so overwhelmed and so very thankful!! Thank you Judy for the beautiful angel which is a very welcome addition to my ever growing angel collection. We have been friends for so many years and I am thankful for you. A beautiful hand made gift from Angie which I will treasure always. Loved the bible verse  which I will share. This will  mark my book pages beautifully! The Lord has blessed me!
                                                      and the verse...........

And Jesus said unto them,Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you,if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,ye shall say unto this mountain,remove hence to yonder place:and it shall remove:and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
                                           Matthew 17:20

This is reminding me of faith and the trust we must have in our Heavenly Father. I am now thinking that I can post on my Days Touched By Grace blog on this. Thank you Angie!

From the learning rooms... The Lord is still working on me and moulding me. I have so much more to learn.What a journey I have had over the past 15 months and how I have learnt through all of this! He has always been by my side picking me up when I stumbled and guiding me when I did not which way to turn!

From the kitchen... Cajun chicken tonight-a favourite of mine! Garlic bread and strawberries and fresh cream for dessert.

I am wearing... My blue jeans and a purple top.

I am creating...I am still working on my blessings cross stitch. I just have not been able to work on my projects much at all these past couple of weeks.

 I am going... To get an early night. I am fast resembling a panda with this going to bed real late and getting up real early!!!

I am reading...My bible and a daily devotional. I always enjoy the "pearls of wisdom" in my devotional book.

 I am hoping... I might get to watch some of the USA Open tennis championship this evening. I love watching tennis and usually end up glued to the screen.

I am hearing... Just the sound of the laptop keys as I type and cars going by outside.

Around the house...Beautiful fragranced candles burning! I have a banana bread one lit and it smells so good you could eat it!! No not really but you know what I mean!

 One of my favorite things...A fragranced bubble bath and a long soak in the tub! I am in need of this as so tired this past week or two. The pace for me has quickened as I have returned to work after my illness.

 A few plans for the rest of the week... Work and grocery shopping. I need to get some housework done too! Hmmmmm and laundry and snail mail.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Pictures taken today of my daughter Natalie and her partner James and my beautiful grandson Taio.

To join in focusing on the simple pleasures of each day, please click here.


  1. Hey Linda!

    I love the way you share your heart. Your words bless me!!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

  2. I like this very much..Simple Pleasures of Your Day. I think I shall check out the link. I pray the door that you need to enter, that leads to the right job decision, be revealed brightly to you soon.

  3. Hi Linda
    I am so sorry my dad got real ill and passed away, we just buried him today. Please remind me of your order and I will get that out to you.
    I have been posting on facebook, I just could not keep up on blogging, I think I will get back into it but I am taking some time off.

  4. Hi Linda...loved this post, & don't know why I am just now reading it??? I was hoping to find one from today too, as your posts always bless me. I hope that the Lord makes the way clear to you Linda. I know you have been seeking His will.

    How I wish I were there to enjoy that lovely dinner with you, & to smell that yummy candle! I so love candles as you know.

    Taio gets more & more beautiful!!! Love you & I are going to be twin pandas, as it is now past 1am here! Hugs