Monday, June 7, 2010

For Today - Outside my window... Glorious sunshine!! Blue skies! My beautiful garden ablaze with flowers and trees.Later on in the year  these trees will be full of apples, pears and blackberries too! The freshly mown grass!

I am thinking... Of Saturday evening when my daughter Natalie and her partner James invited Michael and I to her barbeque. We all had a wonderful time. The food was so good and we all sat outside and chatted. It was a welcome relief to enjoy some cool temperatures as the day had been so hot and humid! Even the splashes of rain that fell were so welcome and cooling! For those of you that know me well, will know that I usually run at the first sign of rain and it is funny to think I continued to sit there!! Natalie was saying "let's see who goes inside first and I am sure it will be mother!!" So I surprised everyone!!

I am thankful for... My precious daughters. They are not just my daughters, they are my friends. I so enjoy my time spent with them and these times are so heart warming and treasured.God truly has blessed me!

From the learning rooms... I am learning each and every day. I would say that the past 15 months have been one of intense learning and applying this learning to my life.My lessons have not always been pleasant and they have caused me much pain but how I have grown beyond measure!! Thank you Lord-I do not know why but I know you have a plan. I am reminded of this bible verse:

"And the peace of God which passeth all understanding,shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
                  Philippians 4:7

From the kitchen... My favourite freshly brewed coffee. Waffles with maple syrup and some fresh fruit.

I am wearing... My pj's and Pooh bear dressing gown.

I am creating... Another cross stitch project of an angel. I love how exciting it is to pick out another project and get started.This one will not take me long at all to get finished. I try to have a bigger project on the go and a smaller one so I can see progress!!

I am going... To have a de-clutter over the next week or two.I will take some clothing and other items to the charity stores. I also want to take some of my finished cross stitch projects and get them framed. I have so many without frames in my stitching box.

I am reading...Still reading "His Imprint My Expression by Kay Arthur." I am enjoying this book. This book is full of devotions to help us through the trials we face. Kay talks of how our experiences become the tools in God's hands that are used to shape us and refine our lives.

 I am hoping... That my daughter expecting her first baby is not too uncomfortable in the heat and humidity we are having here at the moment. With our beautiful sun comes much humidity. I really felt for her when I saw her hugely swollen feet and legs.

I am hearing... Just the occasional car going by outside in the street. The laptop keys as I type.

Around the house... A reminder of how I am truly blessed. Surrounded by so many beautiful photos of family and friends. Many times when we are facing trials and our safe world is shaken and put upside down we forget just how blessed we are!

One of my favorite things... Snail mail and a letter has just been delivered by the post lady! Thank you Nette for your faithful letters! I really enjoy these.

A few plans for the rest of the week... A hair trim. Visiting my daughters and hoping to fit in  a cream tea this week! As I write that, I can now taste that scone with yummy jam and fresh cream!! I hope that thinking about it does not put an inch on my waistline!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...  A photo of Natalie and James.

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  1. Hi Linda! I so enjoyed your post today. I pity you having that heat there, seeing as most of England have no air conditioning. I so remember not even being able to sleep on those hot nights when we lived there (Germany too!). We are sweltering here, as I know you remember about Vegas.

    I can't wait until Taio (or is it spelled Tiao) get here! I would love to be able to see Nats be a Mommy...she will be wonderfu! And James, a wonderful Daddy!

    I don't like scones (or I guess I don't :-) ...never really had one except a hard one), but now you have me wanting one! And yes, I think I just grew an inch on my waist now. :-)

    Love you Linda. Have a lovely day. Hope your computer works long enough for you to get me out a LONG's your turn. :-) Hugs!

  2. Sounds like you have a beautiful family, and a sweet new baby on the way.

  3. Darling thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for joining my followers, much appreciated. I am delighted that our blogs crossed, now I have a lovely world to visit on daily basis.

    Love & Hugs

  4. Dear Linda, Thank you so much for visiting me today; I love all that I have read and will begin following you.
    Have a blessed day and enjoy the nice weather-we've got rain currently.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Gorgeous picture Linda. Thanks for following my new blog. I just couldn't stay away from blogging.