Monday, May 31, 2010

For Today - Outside my window... Trees,flowers and bees buzzing from flower to flower as they collected pollen and nectar. I watched in fascination as they did their work! The meaning "busy as a bee" really did take on a new meaning for me!!  I then went outside and took some photos as these little bees did their pollen collecting totally oblivious to my presence! I felt very brave to get so close to them!!

I am thinking... About a friend who received the news her IVF treatment was unsuccessful. My heart goes out to her as she has gone through so much. I am praying fervently for her.I know her faith is being tested and her heart is breaking.

I am thankful for... The beautiful day I had today! I have been on a trip out to the countryside. How I love these days!! A walk along the River Thames and admiring the abundance of flowers and trees.It was just wonderful to hear the birds chirping merrily and I even saw a few baby rabbits grazing. I took so many photos but the baby rabbits were camera shy and ran off!!

From the learning rooms... That so many people have far more troubles than I do! Isn't it so easy to think "oh woe is me" when we hit roadblocks and troubles abound? Today I read about a young girl in her 20's having ovarian cancer and she had to have major surgery and now will not be able to have children. This so tugged at my heart and made me really think. This girls faith was so strong and she was trusting the Lord with all her heart.  I have many troubles but these fade into insignificance when I put them into perspective. I am blessed beyond measure!!

I am reminded of a quote:

"Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,and they can become your blessings."
                                            Author Unknown

From the kitchen...Fruit smoothies!! I have an abundance of fruit-bananas,blueberries,mangos,oranges,
nectarines,kiwi fruits and grapes! Now to blend these and have a favourite smoothie!

 I am wearing... Blue jeans and a black top with a pattern of multi-colours.

I am creating...Binders with pages that contain cards that have been sent to me. Mother's day,birthday and Christmas.  I was thinking that this is fun way to store all my treasured cards. Using fun themes too for the binders-Forever Friends and Tattered Teddies,

 I am going... To go and make a cup of tea real soon!  I love cups of tea as well as cups of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is so good!

I am reading... "His Imprint My Expression" by Kay Arthur. This book is reminding me of how my experiences have truly become tools in the Lord's hands.

I am hoping...That I will meet all my deadlines! So much to do again this week as I go about sorting out so many different things.

 I am hearing... the sound of the TV in the background.

Around the house...The wonderful smell of my blueberry muffin candles! I love candles and am always trying out new ones. I have so many favourites!

 One of my favorite things... As always cross stitching. Typing those words has brought to mind that I have only had a chance to work on my project once last week.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Grocery shopping, letter writing and reading. Oh and stitching for sure! I have so many new projects picked out that I want to get started on.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... A photo taken this morning as I watched the bees collect the pollen to make the honey I so love!!!

To join in focusing on the simple pleasures of each day, please click here.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Looking forward to reading through yours.

  2. Linda...the best post ever! I really loved this! I want to comment on so much, but would end up writing a book, so will mention a few. The book's title captured me - I will have to check that one out. I too love candles - blueberry muffin sounds sooo yummy - good enough to eat! :-) A wonderful idea for keeping cards! I have mine in a tote, but your idea is fantastic! Love your photo too. Love you Linda. Have a blessed week!

  3. Very inspiring post. Your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is
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  4. I"m enjoying reading your simple pleasures! I may need to start listing mine - esp. when I don't feel so grateful...



  5. Oh, letter writing is such a wonderful thing to look forward to doing!

  6. Your post is really inspiring...and I too feel blessed...really blessed.

  7. I enjoyed visiting and reading your post. Hope to see you again soon.