Monday, September 27, 2010

For Today -

Outside my window...Pitch black as 10pm! It was a dull day today with much cloud.Getting a late start to this post.

 I am thinking... Of God's beautiful world. Beautiful scenery. On a car trip today I so enjoyed seeing three little baby deers running in the fields. I would so loved to have captured them on camera but not possible as on the dual carriagway.

I am thankful for...Sweet friends who I have come to know in the blogging world.I am enjoying my blogging days and thank you Judy for this introduction!

From the learning rooms... There is always room for improvement and learning.Reflection is a wonderful thing and a great tool to use.I learnt this art a long time ago in my nurses training and it helps so much in everyday life too. I seem to be ever reflecting recently.

From the kitchen... Just a cup of tea as I ate out earlier and I am not hungry now! I enjoyed a salad, king prawns in batter with chilli and garlic sauce. Grilled salmon with garlic sauce-so yummy!! No room for dessert!

I am wearing...A red and cream sweater and blue jeans.

 I am creating... Memories and capturing so many wonderful moments on camera. Captured more today on a trip out.

I am going...To bed real soon. I have not been sleeping too well in recent weeks and it sure is catching up with me now. Hmmmm I really will look like a Panda bear!!

 I am reading... My daily devotional book and my bible. Catching up with some magazine reading.

I am hoping... For answered prayer on my job situation. I hope I will have clarity soon.

I am hearing...The tv as my hunny watches the news.

 Around the house...Candles burning and the fragrance fills the air! Black cherry-really nice!

 One of my favorite things... Relaxing with my stitching! how I love these times. I have two projects on the go right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week...A hair trim,e-mails and snail mails. I love the excitement of a letter or card in the mail! Judy and Angie you made my day last week!! You touched my heart.I am blessed!

 Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Some beautiful gardens on a trip out last week.

To join in focusing on the simple pleasures of each day, please click here.


  1. All wonderful simple pleasures. And that dinner you had sounds amazing! And the gardens are very serene. Pretty.

  2. Linda..your meal has made my mouth water! I am so hungry now, & will have to blame you for the inch of two I will gain when I go hunt for food at this late time.

    You too full for dessert??? I've never known that to happen! :-) I've known you too long...& this is a first!!! :-)

    You & I will be admitted to the zoo pandas. :-)

    Love you Linda...praying for you.

  3. Black cherry candles!?? Sound amazing. I must look out for those. Remind me of Black Forest Cake... hubby's favourite!
    Dorothy :)

  4. Hi Linda,

    How are you? Thanks so much for visiting with me earlier on one of my blogs and the other day before I left town. Your warm comments are always encouraging when you visit.

    I enjoyed your message above. I can just smell that beautiful candle! I too pray that you get an answer soon to whatever you are facing with the job and may the peace of God rest with you as you wait.

    I've wanted to pursue Crocheting and I just might!! :) I think that would be a very nice simple pleasure.

    Beautiful photos you shared. Saying a prayer for you and yours now...

    Hugs and blessings!

  5. Hi Linda, how are you? Your photos are beautiful, this sounds like a nice trip. Your dinner sounds delicious. I love the way life seems quiet & cozy at your house with the candle & the news in the background. I enjoyed stopping by!

  6. What time is dinner? LOL It sounds delicious!

    Oh, the joy we get from the simple things in life!


  7. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, beautiful blog,

    enjoyed your blog tonight....I have some new pictures of my little Buzz and my holiday blog has new holiday pictures when you have some a comment is all it takes for the giveaway.

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. You have a beautiful blog and I look forward to following you! And I would love to smell your yummy candle=)...