Monday, June 28, 2010

For Today -

Outside my window... A wonderful blue sky without any clouds! So hot today and the weather is  in the 90's! It is also so humid and I am melting!!!

 I am thinking... About the tennis match I have just spent the last four and a half hours watching! The tennis match between Roddick and Lu.I have almost given myself a back injury as I cheered Roddick on and jumped around in delight! Unfortunately Roddick lost after an epic match so I am so disappointed but not as much as he is I am sure!!

I am thankful for... For so many sweet blessings. And a wonderful and unexpected surprise from a friend in North Carolina that arrived today. A box of goodies and so many things in the box that I  love! This has made my day and it touched me and made my heart sing! Isn't it amazing how the unexpected little events make our day and warm our hearts?! What a lovely blessing!

From the learning rooms... Knowing that the Lord has a plan and He is still not closing certain doors for me.Learning to hold on and wait and see. Pondering more and more about perhaps I am being shown I might have to make a move out of my comfort zone? This will take a huge step of faith. I am reminded of a bible verse that teaches me to let go and pray until my heart is  filled with inner peace as I come to know His will.

"Every way of man is right in his own eyes;but the Lord pondereth the hearts."
                     Proverbs 21:3

From the kitchen... Garlic chicken with cheese, potatoes and salad. Fresh strawberries and cream. My honey cooked the chicken for us before he went to work on his night shift. I sure enjoyed those strawberries! And the fresh cream too-there goes another inch on my waistline!

I am wearing...  A lime green top and blue jeans.

I am creating... Memories. I love taking photos of my family and also of the countryside.

I am going... To search a new broadband provider. The service is more off than on and it has become so frustrating! I can be in the middle of an e-mail and down it goes and I lose my mail. It can take a day or two for the service to come back too!

I am reading... A Devotional Book For Women and back to Kay Arthur's book "His Imprint My Expression" I am enjoying the daily devotions in this book.

I am hoping... That another meeting I have next week will at last bring a much longed for resolution to a problem.

I am hearing... The tv as the tennis matches continue. After the match I have just watched I am exhausted from cheering and I do not think I will watch anymore tennis today!! It feels as if I have played in that match!!

Around the house... Candles and their beautiful aroma. Today blueberry muffin and black cherry.

One of my favorite things... It is tennis for sure and how I have loved watching the matches so far! This is the last week of  Wimbledon. I am looking forward to the final matches.

A few plans for the rest of the week... A restful week for me. Some paperwork and things to sort out. A little housework. More tennis watching! Catching up with my snail mail and I am astonished to find I am behind again! A trip to the city centre to browse the stores too.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...  My two beautiful grandaughters Lauren and Charlie taken last week.

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  1. Lauren and Charlie are just adorable. So precious..Wanted to thank you for stopping by and blessing me with your sweet comments.I am enhaling your aroma that you have going on in your house girl..sigh...they sound yummy too!

  2. It is always fun getting presents! Yay! Especially from NC. :o)

    Lovely children!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. i love the i am reading... in the kitchen... one of my favourite things... made for a super post!!

  4. Well...looky there, I didn't realize you had two blogs! How special:) Fun to read a bit more about you - the raging tennis fan! Hope you are having a great week - and love those little ones..too sweet!

  5. Thanks for sharing your simple joys and pleasures! What a great way to develop more gratitude!

    Your grand babies are precious!

    Blessings to you,

  6. Hi, Charlie looks so much like Laura!! Unreal! She's grown so much!

    Now Miss moving out of your comfort zone referring to what I think & hope it is??? :-) The Lord does sometimes take us out of our comfort makes us trust Him all the more & see that He is faithful.

    I would love to be with your cheering for the tennis matches. I would not have cheered Roddick though. Do not like him!

    What a lovely surprise Linda...a package of goodies. You so deserve & needed this. Sending you big hugs!! Love you

  7. The picture of the girls is precious.

    Thank you for following Time For You, I wish you luck, there will be many more contests so stayed tuned.