Monday, May 3, 2010

For Today - Outside my window... Grey skies and I am sure more rain today! My umbrella is once again well used this year!!

I am thinking...That in a couple of months I will have a new grandbaby. I am just so excited!! Children are  so precious.

I am thankful for... All that the Lord has given me and everyday I count my blessings.The Lord has been faithful and brought me through a stormy year.

From the learning rooms... A quote I really like comes to mind: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."
There is a wonderful and beautiful world out there created by The Lord and we should enjoy each and every moment and create many precious and treasured memories. I am reminded of a storm and then a rainbow that appears in the sky and God's promises are brought to my mind.                                   

From the kitchen... Toast and honey and a pot of freshly brewed coffee! So good!

I am wearing... My pj's and dressing gown still!

I am creating... So many photograph albums as I work on putting my pictures in albums. This will be so much more organised than having these tucked away in drawers.Memories are meant to be shared.

I am going... To take a trip later to the stores. I am running out of so many things and wondering how did this happen??

I am reading... Still reading "Boundaries" and enjoying this book very much. Also enjoying reading"Daily Inspiration For Women." This is a 365-Day Devotional Journal by Helen Steiner Rice. So inspirational.

I am hoping... And praying that a friends IVF process will be successful. She will get her news this week. It has been a tough and emotional time for her as she has undergone all the treatment. Her setbacks have been many and I pray that this treatment will bring her a much longed for baby.

I am hearing... Very little as early morning and all is quiet!

Around the house...I can see my angel figurines. I love angels and collect Willow angels and have a vast collection of these and other angels.

 One of my favorite things...Spending time with my family. This is so very important to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Hmmm-catch up!! I am still trying to get up to date with snail mail and housework!! I love receiving letters in the mail and phone calls too. I just love the way it totally brightens a day!  I was so thrilled when I got a phone call from a friend in Canada on my birthday and it was so unexpected!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This photo taken on my birthday last Thursday while out for the day.Of course it poured with rain and here I am with a well used umbrella!!

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  1. Beautiful Photo :)

  2. Lovely photo and great quote! Congratulations on the soon coming arrival. :o)

  3. It sounds like you have a bunch to be thankful for! What a blessing!!!

    I love the photo! You are stunning!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing

    Patrina <")>><

  5. always, such a lovely post. That quote is one of my favorites...I have it framed. LOVE that photo of you!! So pretty! I still cannot get over that Nats will be a Mommy soon. Cannot wait to get pics of him when he arrives! Sending you big hugs Linda..keeping you in prayer.

  6. Thanks for stopping by. How exciting for a new grandchild. Is it your first? I have two now and a third on the way. They are the sunshine in my life!

  7. Great post, lovely picture!

    I hope you are having a WONDERFUL day! :> )


  8. Sounds like a good way to spend a day. Boundaries is a good book. I recommend it to all my patients and I've read it several times myself. I pray you learn from it and grow closer to the Lord and to your family, friends, and others you meet along the way.

  9. Hi Linda,
    It's nice to meet you here...your blog is so cute! Thanks for stopping by Graceful to read Deidra's guest post on writing and faith.

    I love your list here...the cozy pjs and full pot of fresh coffee sure sounds enticing!