Monday, April 19, 2010

For Today -

Outside my window...Another beautiful day!! The sun is streaming through the window and only 9am.

I am thinking...And wondering if the Volcanic Ash will further disrupt flights. I really feel for all those peope who are stranded. I read today that the ash is detrimental and a health warning has been issued to people suffering with chest problems.

I am thankful for...A precious family. My beautiful grandchildren and another grandbaby due in July.So exciting!

From the learning rooms... That God is ever faithful.Another favourite bible verse:

                                         "For the word of the Lord is right and all His works are done in truth."...................Psalm 33:4                                 
From the kitchen...The smell of fresh coffee brewing as I prepare breakfast.

I am wearing...My pj's and a favourite dressing gown-Winnie The Pooh!!

I am creating...A few cross stitch projects. I love to stitch and I find this so relaxing! So wonderful when you get the finished piece and see all your hours of work!

I am going...To the town this morning just to browse the stores. Another favourite of mine-shopping!

I am reading..."Boundaries" by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. This was given to me by a friend as a gift.

I am hoping... That I will find the transition period back to work smooth. Wow-I cannot believe that I have been off from work for almost a year tomorrow!!

I am hearing...Cars in the street as they go by. Monday morning and everyone off to work after the weekend.

Around the house...All is quiet and just the tv on a low volume.

One of my favorite things...To relax with my book.I love to read and I am like a sponge!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...To prepare for my work return. Continue with my Spring Clean! The sunshine is so inspiring!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...This is a photo of my two daughter's Laura and Natalie and one of my grandchildren-Natalia

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  1. Good Morning Linda! Such a great post! I have seen all the reports on the ash - so sad. I cannot believe how disruptive this has been.

    It is hard to believe that you've been off work for a year now. I wish you could stay home...I will miss you when you go back. This has been such a long journey for you. If you are excited though, then 'I' am excited for you!

    Loved the photo - now why haven't I seen this one Linda??? Love you much - hope you had fun shopping & didn't do too much damage. :-) Hugs!

  2. Hi, Linda~

    I see that we have a few things in common. I love to cross-stitch, I LOVE coffee, especially the aroma while it's brewing, and I love to read. Right now I am reading The Sommerfield Trilogy Book 1, Bygones. I am really enjoying this one.

    I really love your picture of your daughters and your granddaughter. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    Have a great week!


  3. Hi Linda, I have read Boundaries as a part of my lay counseling cirriculum. I love the pictures. Do you scrap too? I try to, just not much time but when I retire I will. Hugs

  4. Good Morning Linda :)

  5. Hello, my name is Ron

    I'm a Christian blogger and I found your profile on another blog that I follow. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You

  6. I really enjoyed your post. What a blessing it was to me. God bless, Lloyd

  7. We have several things in common Linda. I love to read, especially Christian non-fiction, theology, etc. I have read Boundaries and I recommend it to my patients. It is a Biblically based book to help develop healthy relationships. I love my morning coffee in my jammies and to look out the window and listen to the birds singing. I love the Lord. God bless.

  8. I really like this, reading simple pleasures. Thank you for following me, too. You have a beautiful place here.

  9. I enjoyed your blog. Very insightful
    Hope you will find blessings on mine
    Jesus Lives, Bob West

  10. Carrie @

    Hi, Linda!
    I stumbled upon your blog--love your thoughtful musings. Sometimes we forget to notice the normal, expected things like coffee and traffic. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a crippling chronic illness...Im definitely a lot more thankful for the little things in life now.

    Keep up the good work!